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News – An overview of recent activites by the SafeLMD consortium

SafeLMD Multiplier Event in Zagreb on May 23rd

On 23 May 2024, a multiplier event for the SafeLMD project took place in Zagreb, organized by the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences of the University of Zagreb. This event served as a platform to share and discuss valuable insights and innovations from the SafeLMD project.

The agenda was packed with insightful presentations and discussions. Prof. Dr. Kristijan Rogić started with a comprehensive presentation of the SafeLMD project, followed by a detailed presentation on the online course and project results by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ratko Stanković.

At the Event, participants had the opportunity to learn more about the SafeLMD online curriculum, the project’s goals, and to discuss the opportunities of the project. Invited speakers (Croatian post, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences) and panel discussion speakers (city of Zagreb, Croatian post, Sindikat biciklista and Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences) attended the Event, with the interested members of civil society and representatives of the courier companies. Invited speakers presented their future projects, innovative solutions to existing problems, and current problems of the last mile delivery. The main topic of the lively panel discussion was discussing the problems of the bike infrastructure, traffic culture in the city of Zagreb, and the challenges that bike couriers face daily

We would like to thank all participants, speakers and organizers who contributed to making this event a success. The knowledge gained and the connections made are a significant step forward in our ongoing efforts to implement and disseminate the results of the SafeLMD project.

The event provided an ideal opportunity for professionals from industry and academia to network and exchange forward-looking ideas.

Here are some impressions from the conference.

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SafeLMD Project Featured on BusinessTalk Kudamm

We are pleased to announce that our Safe Last Mile Delivery (SafeLMD) project has been featured on BusinessTalk Kudamm. The article highlights our efforts to promote sustainable and safe urban logistics through advanced vocational training for bike-based delivery services.
You can find the full article here. The English version is available here

Highlights from our Multiplier Event on April 13 in Berlin

See exclusive insights from the Safe-LMD Multiplier Event Here

First Insights from Our Multiplier Event, April 13-14

The BGZ takes this opportunity to thank all partners and the speakers from the BDKEP, European Youth Forum, DLR, Fair Spaces and the RLVD for the insightful inputs on their projects!
A special thanks goes to the RLVD for deliverying a mini-workshop on bycicle charachteristics and basics of safe riding. The recording is available here.
The ME in Berlin, was held in the framework of the bike festival VeloBerlin 2024 , visited by 19000 visitors. SAFE LMD program proved to be a success, here we had the opportunity to exchange with interested companies, public organisations and agencies , to deliver insightful informations on the project strategy and results and present the SAFE LMD online curriculum.
Beyond expert audience, many individuals and members oft he civil society picked up the call to join forces to help disseminating the training and showed commitment to contribute at the scale of their neighbourhoods to Green and Safe Last Mile Delivery with individual actions.

Here you can find a few impressions from the conference.
Please stay tuned for more updates on the ME in Berlin !

SafeLMD Multiplier Event in Berlin 13.-14. April

The SAFE LMD team is delighted to invite you to the first of a series of multiplier events to be held in Berlin on April 13-14 2024 at VELOBerlin 2024.
The aim of these events is to connect with target groups, to promote the project’s ambition to professionalise and standardise the LMD professional profile – across the EU. We will be doing so by presenting project activities to a wide renge of national audiences.

By engaging in conversation during presentations, workshops and Q&A sessions, SAFE LMD envisions to gain a solid support for the adoption of the project results, and ensuring sustainability of its actions.

The first Multiplier Event is conceived as a two-day event in Berlin on April 13-14 at VELOBerlin 2024.

The Team at BGZ looks forward to sharing the SAFE-LMD results (i.e. online curriculum, learners e-book and trainers handbook), test skills and competences of LMD cyclists, and engage in a conversation with training providers, CEP companies, sector representatives, educational authorities to further the discussion on standardisation of professional education paths, and certifications (both full certification in line with ECVET and micro-credentials).

Grab the opportunity to register for free on Eventbrite:

The BGZ and the SAFE LMD team are looking forward to meeting you in Berlin!
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Start of the pilot phase for the SafeLMD-VOOC course in German.

Today’s presentation saw engaged representatives from the education and Industry sectors from the Berlin Region. The audience showed interest and commitment to pilot the course within their scope, also benefiting from the Trainers Handbook.
Questions on how the course presents differences in traffic regulations across Europe, as well as questions on certifications were discussed.
The SAFE LMD consortium is greateful for the active participation to the launching of the Online Course SAFE LMD and look forwards to receive feedbacks from all over Germany!
If you missed the presentation take a look at the slides here

SafeLMD goes to the VeloBerlin (13 & 14 April 2024)

We are looking forward to presenting SafeLMD at VeloBerlin 2024!

We will be represented in Hangar 5 at Tempelhofer Feld on both days. In addition to exciting experts from the industry for keynote speeches and a Q&A session, there will of course also be the opportunity to get a taste of our course. The exact program will be announced soon! Stay tuned!

For more information please visit the VeloBerlin Website.

SafeLMD goes into Piloting (March 2024)

On the 04.03.2024 SafeLMD start its piloting phase by testing and collecting feedback for the learning materials. The piloting is open to everybody. You can enroll the course for free here: Safe LMD Green and safety skills for workers in bike based urban last mile deliveries

The SafeLMD VOOC is a new type of course that aims to close the gap in the range and quality of existing formal and non-formal training courses for last mile delivery workers. It responds to the challenge of providing zero-emission solutions in urban logistics. The free course has a modular structure (7 modules) so that learners can choose and attend the units and lessons that best suit their needs. This means that the course is self-paced without having to follow a fixed learning plan.

Upon successful completion of the SafeLMD MOOC course or individual modules, a certificate of attendance is issued. In addition, there is the option to take a more advanced exam with a recognized EU certification for professional development and as proof of skills acquisition.

You want to learn more about SafeLMD and the piloting phase? Join us on the 11.03 for an open demonstration of the course. You find all information for the demonstration here: Invitation to the live demonstration

BGZ meets with Senate (February 2024)

On February 1, 2024, an important meeting took place between the BGZ and the team of the Coordination Office for Cycling and Pedestrian Traffic (KRF), from the Senate Department for Mobility, Transport, Climate Protection and the Environment (SenMVKU), specifically the one within the SAFE LMD project. The meeting, which focused on safety in traffic, particularly with regard to Vision Zero, as well as the reduction of CO2 emissions in commercial transport, demonstrated the importance of the project for Berlin and provided important impetus for the continuation of the project.
Specific points of contact between the SenMVKU and the SafeLMD project were discussed to ensure effective cooperation:

1. connection with the road safety program: It was discussed how the SafeLMD project’s competence framework, curriculum and online course could be integrated into the road safety program’s concept as an example of implementation.

2. road safety charter: The possibility of a presentation of the SafeLMD project at one of the next meetings of the charter was discussed, as well as the additional presentation on the SenMVKU website and references to events.

3. anchoring/disseminating the content in Berlin: The implementation of training courses by partners of the Charter in Berlin was discussed, possibly with financial support from SenMVKU funds and a possible adaptation of the content to the Berlin context.

4. presentation of the project in the Bicycle Committee: The possibility of a joint appearance or a joint event at the VELO was discussed.

5. mentioning/linking the project on the SenMVKU website: The possibility of mentioning and linking the SafeLMD project on the SenMVKU website was also considered in order to increase the visibility of the project.

This meeting marked an important step in the collaboration between BGZ and SenMVKU to improve traffic safety and reduce CO2 emissions. It underlines the commitment of both parties to sustainable and safe mobility in Berlin.

SafeLMD on the ZIRP Conference in Zagreb (December 2023)

Thanks to our Partner the University of Zagreb, the SafeLMD Consortium was able to present the project within the ZIRP Conference 2023 on the 8th of December.

ZIRP is one of the region’s leading Conferences in transport and logistics with international recognition (participants from around 20 countries). ZIRP systematically promotes scientific and professional cooperation by introducing innovative solutions and suggesting ways for companies to implement them. The scope of the main topics covers many relevant issues outlined and discussed during the Conference, such as sustainable urban mobility and logistics, safety and policy, data science, process automation, inventory forecasting, improving competitiveness in the transport and logistics services market, and raising customer satisfaction.

We are happy to have contributed with SafeLMD an essential part to the conference towards a more sustainable logistic in the future. You can find the presentation of SafeLMD during the ZRIP Conference here.

SafeLMD General Newsletter (June 2023)

SafeLMD publishes a revised competency matrix and a first draft of a curriculum learning plan structure in a brand new design. Read more in the General Newsletter June 2023

SafeLMD Transnational Meeting in Athens (April 2023)

Stakeholder interview with Martin Schmidt, Cycle Logistics Berlin

Why do we need more public recognition for the image of bicycle couriers and at what point does it actually make sense to make a delivery by bicycle for the last mile? Martin Schmidt from Cycle Logistics in Berlin tells you all this and more in our stakeholder interview_english

Stakeholder interview with Theodore Boermans, Urbike

Read here what Theodore Boermans from Urbike thinks about road safety Stakeholder interview with Theodore Boermans

SafeLMD General Newsletter: Partners meet in Brussels (November 2022)

On 3 November 2022, project partners met at ECF’s office in Brussels for the Transnational Project Meeting. You can find the full newsletter here General Newsletter December 2022

SafeLMD on the EUROBIKE 2022 in Frankfurt (July 2022)

In occasion of the EUROBIKE 2022, one of the most relevant European event for the bike sector, SAFE-LMD was invited to held its first public presentation in the framework of the „ECLF Cargo Bike Rider Training Scheme“, organised by ECLF. The presentation and discussion took place in presence of a closed expert workshop setting on Friday the 15th of July in Frankfurt, and was held by BGZ, Leader of the international consortium composed by ECF, ECQA, University of Zagreb and Exelia.

Over 25 participants and experts from the bike Logistics, global distribution companies and bike industries engaged in a fruitful and timely discussion tackling:

  • current needs and trends in the LMD sector, with a focus on skills for professional and highly professional riders, versus non-professional and informal riders,
  • potentials and challenges to design a EU-wide certified training whose structure and contents are modular, and able to incorporate modules/units for basic and advanced certification,
  • requirements and challenges in delivering online-digital modules, current challenges of 1-to-1 practice training modules and certification modes,
  • re-definition and diversification of target audiences/beneficiaries,
  • timing for the delivery and testing a training to be implemented not at national levels, but at the EU Level, mechanism to ensure transfer minimum requirements from national to EU-wide level.

You can see here some impressions of the EUROBIKE 2022