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News – An overview of recent activites by the SafeLMD consortium

SafeLMD on the EUROBIKE 2022 in Frankfurt (13.07-17.07)

In occasion of the EUROBIKE 2022, one of the most relevant European event for the bike sector, SAFE-LMD was invited to held its first public presentation in the framework of the „ECLF Cargo Bike Rider Training Scheme“, organised by ECLF. The presentation and discussion took place in presence of a closed expert workshop setting on Friday the 15th of July in Frankfurt, and was held by BGZ, Leader of the international consortium composed by ECF, ECQA, University of Zagreb and Exelia.

Over 25 participants and experts from the bike Logistics, global distribution companies and bike industries engaged in a fruitful and timely discussion tackling:

  • current needs and trends in the LMD sector, with a focus on skills for professional and highly professional riders, versus non-professional and informal riders,
  • potentials and challenges to design a EU-wide certified training whose structure and contents are modular, and able to incorporate modules/units for basic and advanced certification,
  • requirements and challenges in delivering online-digital modules, current challenges of 1-to-1 practice training modules and certification modes,
  • re-definition and diversification of target audiences/beneficiaries,
  • timing for the delivery and testing a training to be implemented not at national levels, but at the EU Level, mechanism to ensure transfer minimum requirements from national to EU-wide level.

You can see here some impressions of the EUROBIKE 2022

SafeLMD General Newsletter: Partners meet in Brussels (November 2022)

On 3 November 2022, project partners met at ECF’s office in Brussels for the Transnational Project Meeting. You can find the full newsletter here General Newsletter December 2022

Stakeholder interview with Theodore Boermans, Urbike

Read here what Theodore Boermans from Urbike thinks about road safety Stakeholder interview with Theodore Boermans

Stakeholder interview with Martin Schmidt, Cycle Logistics Berlin

Why do we need more public recognition for the image of bicycle couriers and at what point does it actually make sense to make a delivery by bicycle for the last mile? Martin Schmidt from Cycle Logistics in Berlin tells you all this and more in our stakeholder interview_english

SafeLMD Transnational Meeting in Athens (25-26 April 2023)

SafeLMD General Newsletter (June 2023) in Croation

SafeLMD publishes a revised competency matrix and a first draft of a curriculum learning plan structure in a brand new design. Read more in the General Newsletter June 2023