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The project will be carried out by the following partners:


BGZ Logo

Lead Partner – BGZ Berliner Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit mbH
Pohlstraße 67
DE – 10785 Berlin

Contact person: Dr. des. Tiziana Destino
Tel.: +49 30 80 99 41 18
E-Mail: destino@bgz-berlin.de

More about BGZ

BGZ is a joint institution of the State of Berlin and the Berlin Chamber of Skilled Crafts. Since 1983, it has supported its partners in implementing political goals in over 100 international cooperation projects to date.

The focus is on vocational training, promotion of SMEs, administrative cooperation, integration of migrants and global learning. BGZ is a non-profit organisation and has a large network of actors from administration, business, science and civil society.

Partner in Austria:

European Certification and Qualification Association GmbH (ECQA GmbH)
Rechte Kremszeile 62
AT 3500 Krems

Contact person: Andreas Riel
E-Mail: Riel_Andreas@ecqa.org

More about ECQA

The European Certification and Qualification Association GmbH (ECQA GmbH), is a for-profit association, based in Krems (Austria) that provides an EU-wide (unified) certification scheme for skills and competences in different occupations as well as micro certifications and badges for selected single skills/competences.

ECQA GmbH’s mission is to support the assessment, recognition and validation of skills and competences acquired in all forms of learning on the basis of specific performance criteria that reflect up-to-date job tasks and skills requirements, as sought after by employers.

To this end, ECQA GmbH relies on a wide and continuously expanding network of industrial and academic experts in various disciplines/professions to update and adjust competence frameworks and occupational profile descriptions (referred to as skill cards) to the rapidly evolving needs and requirements of the labour market.

Partner in Belgium:

European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF)
Mundo Madou, Rue de la Charité 22
BE 1210 Brussels

Contact person: Lilia Raicu
E-Mail: l.raicu@ecf.com

More about ECF

The European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF), is an umbrella organisation for cycling organisations throughout Europe. Based in Brussels (Belgium), the Federation is the most prominent institutional actor in promoting and advocating for cycling as a sustainable and healthy means of transport and leisure at the European level.

ECF brings together 60 member organisations from 46 countries with the aim to get more people to cycle and improve public health and road safety for cyclists. The main mission of the Federation is to unleash the full potential of biking, to foster multimodality and sustainable mobility and promote citizens’ well-being.

To achieve this objective, the Federation seeks to change attitudes, trigger policy changes, promote training and stimulate investments to create improved conditions for cycling across Europe.

Partner in Croatia:

Sveučilište u Zagrebu (UZ)
Trg Republike Hrvatske 14
HR 10000 Zagreb

Contact person: Prof. Dr. Sc. Kristijan Rogić
E-Mail: krogic@fpz.hr

More about Sveučilište u Zagrebu

The University of Zagreb (UZ) is the oldest and most prestigious higher education institution in Croatia, and the second largest university in South East Europe. The University offers a wide range of academic programs in Social Sciences, Humanities, Engineering, Arts, Biotechnology, and Biomedicine.

The mission of the University is to promote sustainable and inclusive development via scientific excellence, artistic creativity and exceptional vocational studies.

UZ is also committed to conducting cutting-edge research in field with growth potential and considerable social and environmental implications, building the case for resilient, sustainable and competitive local communities.

Partner in Greece:

Exelia E.E. (EXELIA)
Leoforos Kifisias 296
GR Chalandri 152 32

Contact person: Aglaia Vourda
E-Mail: info@exelia.gr

More about EXELIA E.E.

EXELIA is a creative learning solutions company with 10 full-time employees, located in Athens, Greece.

EXELIA offers continuous vocational training and lifelong learning opportunities to diverse occupational and social groups, with a particular focus on social, environmental and digital skills, based on innovative pedagogical methodologies such as game-based learning.

EXELIA specialises in using digital technologies as an enabling factor for innovation and excellence in education and training, developing advanced educational software, materials and tools such as e-books,simulation (serious) games, MOOCs and Open Educational Resources (OERs).