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The booming online trade is transforming the logistics industry and creating new job profiles. The last mile in the supply chain is progressively being taken over by bicycle couriers. This reduces the ecological footprint and makes economic sense, but an increase in bicycle traffic on the roads unfortunately also leads to an increase in accidents.
Job offers for bicycle couriers often merely require reliability and a roadworthy bicycle; at most some companies might offer special inhouse training and further education for this target group.

Vocational training in the EU needs to respond to the changing labour market. How should a tailor-made training for couriers be conceptually designed? How can aspects of safety and environmental protection be integrated into these concepts? What forms of teaching are suitable for this target group? And finally: How to certify the acquired qualifications and competences?

The European partnership of “SafeLMD” wants to show which competences the bicycle couriers need and how a tailor-made education and training has to look like. In the project, a common competence framework, occupational profile, syllabus and online course with learning material for self-study, a trainer’s manual and a scheme for the online examination are being created. All materials will be made available online as an open educational resource in six languages.