City Food Lieferung mit dem Fahrrad

SafeLMD – Green and safety skills for workers in bike based urban last mile deliveries

The booming online trade is quickly transforming supply chains. A particular focus is being placed on the last mile, which is often covered by bicycle for ecological and economic reasons. However, more bicycle traffic on the roads also leads to more accidents.

The aim of SafeLMD is to make deliveries on the last mile safer and greener. We will develop learning materials that are tailored to the needs of LMD cyclists and integrate them into existing formal and non-formal education programmes.

Implementation in: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Greece
Duration: 2021-2024
Transnational partners in:
Austria: ECQA GmbH
Belgium: European Cyclists’ Federation
Croatia: Sveučilište u Zagrebu (University of Zagreb)
Greece: EXELIA E.E.
Co-funded by: Erasmus+

“Bicycle delivery services are becoming an important addition to the freight sector, they can provide huge benefits in advancing the switch from more polluting forms of delivery transport. Strengthening the training and vocational qualifications of the riders in the industry will help our cities make sure that the sector remains safe and sustainable, and also provide excellent career opportunities for those engaged in it.”

jan vermeulen mayor of deinze belgium skaliertJan Vermeulen, Mayor of Deinze and Board member of the European Cyclists’ Federation, Belgium